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Hi, welcome to YorkBee! I'm Agata and my passion for bees and honey has evolved from a deep love of nature. From an early age I wondered how real honey was made. Now I have my own apiary I know how tricky it can be to find natural, honest products of the highest quality. Each and every jar of Yorkbee honey has a heavenly bouquet as a result of being 100 per cent unprocessed and unpasteurised, the pure produce of bees foraging across the vibrant dales, windswept moors and lush wolds of Yorkshire. While I love the landscapes, I enjoy how business people in the area strive to support each other. So many people have supported me in establishing YorkBee, it feels like a big family in Yorkshire! It's been wonderful getting to meet so many people through my passion for bees. Among others, I work with local farmers, who appreciate the benefits bees bring to their crops and welcome my hives in their fields.

My passion for mother nature developed as I grew up in a small town in west Poland surrounded by stunning mountains, wild woods and meadows featuring beautiful wildflowers such as cornflower, dandelion, phacelia and acacia. Poland has an ancient beekeeping tradition and is currently the only country in the European Union that produces honey from wild beehives in tree hollows. It is known as being among Europe’s top honey producers. We always had a jar of real honey and the most natural products at home. So from an early age these natural products fuelled a fascination with wildlife. In the spring and summer I loved watching butterflies flutter by and the buzzing of the bees, without which we simply couldn’t exist.

The sweet-scented aromas of the wide open spaces of Yorkshire and the stunning tastes resulting from the clean and fresh environment remind me of my early years and give a real sense of wellbeing. My adventure with bees started after my neighbour, who is an experienced beekeeper, kindly gave me one of her hives. It was very exciting to have my own hive and this motivated me to sign up for a beekeeping course and educate myself how to become a beekeeper. This opened doors to a world of knowledge as I started to meet people with many years of know-how who helped me to develop my skills.

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All the brave bees in YorkBee’s colonies get rewarded for their labours in collecting nectar between April and September with the best conditions and care in the hives. Their hard work always makes something beautiful. Alongside rich blossom and heather honeys and beeswax candles, I am really looking forward to expanding the range with completely sustainable and chemical-free natural cosmetics, incorporating a host of fragrant Yorkshire-grown herbs to make soaps, lip balms and face creams.

Bees play a crucial role in maintaining our planet. By transferring pollen between flowering plants, they keep the cycle of life turning. We need them to pollinate the food we eat and many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for lots of other wildlife. Pollinators like bees play a key role in one out of every three bites of food we eat. Without them, many plants we rely on for food would die off. At YorkBee the teamwork doesn’t stop with the bees. The products are crafted by some close family and friends, my son who is hands-on with the hives and helps with sales, and my daughter assists with packaging, all of which is environmentally-friendly.

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