100% Raw Blossom Honey with Delicious Lemon


Taste the magic of Yorkshire Honey’s exquisite blend of 100% raw blossom honey and tangy lemon. Our 100% natural, creamy and delicious honey is adored by health enthusiasts and culinary experts alike.

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Raw Blossom Honey with Lemon.

Creamy British blossom honey with the addition of lemon is a great and healthy choice.

Discover a unique blend of raw blossom honey and tangy lemon that health enthusiasts and culinary experts are raving about. Our premium honey is sourced from Yorkshire, a picturesque region known for producing exceptional quality and taste. Indulge in the sweet and sour aroma of this exquisite creamed honey with lemon, a delicious proposition for those who prefer a balanced flavour profile.

Blossom honey is not only a delightful addition to your pantry but also has health benefits. It can strengthen your immune system and is often recommended for respiratory allergies. The freeze-dried lemon added to this honey blend is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C. Enjoy a bit of refreshment and nourishment with every spoonful of this delightful honey with lemon.

Curious about how this delicious honey blend is made? Our expert artisans cream our best blossom honey for several days to achieve a smooth and creamy texture. We then add the freeze-dried lemon, which undergoes lyophilisation, a process of extracting water from frozen fruit. This innovative method preserves the fruit’s flavour and nutrients, making it a favourite among health-conscious individuals and chefs alike.

Our honey with lemon is made with 100% natural ingredients, ensuring that you get the full benefits of both honey and lemon. Our blend contains 95% raw blossom honey and 5% freeze-dried lemon, creating a perfect balance of flavours and nutrients. Plus, we take pride in not using any artificial preservatives or additives, making our honey blend a healthy and delicious choice for you and your family.

To maximise the health benefits of this honey with lemon, it is crucial to store it in a dry and cool place. Heating honey at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius can cause it to lose its health properties, so we advise against it. Follow these simple storage guidelines, and you’ll be able to enjoy our honey blend for a long time.


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100% Raw Blossom Honey with Delicious Lemon100% Raw Blossom Honey with Delicious Lemon
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