Eco Lip Balm-With Raw Honey Protects & Moisturizes!


Natural eco lip balm is made with raw honey, beeswax a natural sweetener that has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of skin conditions.


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Eco Friendly Lip Balm

100% Natural Handmade Lip Balm

Natural honey beeswax lip balm is a type of lip balm that is made with all-natural ingredients , with its key being beeswax and honey. Beeswax and honey are produced by honeybees and is known for its moisturizing properties , making it an excellent choice as a lip balm ingredient.

This  balm can help to protect and soothe dry, chapped lips. The beeswax and honey forms a protective barrier on the lips ,preventing further moisture loss while locking in skin’s natural moisture. This helps to keep lips hydrated and soft, with a healthy ,natural shine.

In addition to this lip balm contain other soothing ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin  E. These ingredients work together to nourish and protect  the lips.

One of the benefits of natural honey lip balm  is that is free from synthetic chemicals and additives that can be found in many other lip balms. This makes it a safer ,gentler option for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Beeswax lip balm is extremely moisturizing and  contains natural emulsifiers that help retain moisture, making it a great ingredient to apply on dry and chapped lips.

Raw  Honey and Beeswax protects the sensitive  skin on your lips from the harmful UV rays.  

Overall, natural lip balm is a great choice for those looking for natural ,effective way to soothe and protect their lips. Whether  you’re facing harsh weather condition or just want to keep your lips soft and hydrated this lip balm a perfect solution or can be great idea for a gift! 

Ingredients: organic cocoa  butter, almond oil, vitamin  E, raw honey , beeswax. 




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Eco Lip Balm-With Raw Honey Protects & MoisturizesEco Lip Balm-With Raw Honey Protects & Moisturizes!
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