Perfect Summer Treat: How to Make Beautiful Honey Red Stripe Chicken

1 Perfect Summer Treat with Raw Honey: How to Make Beautiful Honey Red Stripe Chicken

With Summer almost in full swing, it’s important that we have a few recipes in our wheelhouse for the hot weather hitting. Raw honey is a great ingredient to add a hint of sweetness to otherwise normal dishes, bringing a vibrant flavour to match the sun outside. This recipe for Jamaican Honey Red Stripe Chicken is not only easily made vegetarian by using meat alternatives, but it’s also perfect for one of those days where you just need something quick, easy and relaxing…

Honey Red Stripe Chicken Ingredients

I like to add onions and peppers to my sauce for a little more vegetable exposure, but this is optional. They do add a great texture to the sauce that would otherwise be just chicken, but you could also make it without and serve with raw onions and peppers on the side for a lighter, crunchier meal

How to Make The Best Red Stripe Chicken

I like to start by seasoning my chicken with salt, a little pepper and dry jerk seasoning. Work this into the fillets and make sure every bit is covered. Add a little oil and do the same with that, too. Then drop them into the pan. I like to use a high heat first for colour and crisp, then move to a medium to cook the chicken through. This should take less than ten minutes, cooking five minutes each side and flipping evenly.


If you’re adding onions and peppers to your sauce, I tend to add them while the chicken cooks so that they can marinate in the juices and the fat that renders from the meat. Give them a chance to soften with the chicken in the pan, then remove the chicken and replace on a plate or chopping board to cool. The great thing is that you don’t have to remove the onions and peppers — they stay in the pan and are the first step in making the sauce!


Now you’ve removed your chicken and your veggies are nicely coloured, add your stock cube to boiling water and add to the same pan once it’s dissolved. Let it soak up the leftover juices from the chicken. After you’ve done this, your sauce base is started and it’s time to add your Red Stripe. Because you don’t add the whole can, you get to drink the rest afterwards — which is always a plus.


Once you’ve added the right amount of Red Stripe, let the pan simmer on high heat for a minute to help the sauce thicken. As it thickens, you’re good to go and add your honey, tomato ketchup and lime juice. I’ve also added tinned tomatoes before for more texture, but must admit I prefer it with ketchup. Then all that’s left to do is rough chop your chicken and add it back to the pan.

Ways To Serves

Grubworks Kitchen serves this sauce in a burrito bowl with guacamole, jollof rice and plantain, which is great for bringing the fresh heat of the Caribbean to your homes this Summer. I like to serve mine with chips and rice after a heavy day, but when it’s so warm out it’s good to have a colourful, fun bowl to go with it. I normally add some uncooked red onion and mixed peppers for a vibrant burst, with slices of lime on the side.

This recipe normally serves my partner and I with leftovers spare for the next day too.

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