100% Pure Natural Tealight Candles-set of 6


Pure tealight candles are 100%  natural  eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable powered by the magical properties of beeswax. From Yorkshire countryside.

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100% Pure, Natural Tealight candles 

Our tealights candles are made of 100 % pure natural  beeswax.  Produced by our bees that have mainly fed on forest, wildflower and gorse blossom and are sourced from only the most natural hives located in beautiful countryside of Yorkshire. 

We use nothing more than pure virgin wax only from honey capping.

Tealights candles are the perfect candle for your home, ceremonies, meditations, events & more. These gorgeous, handmade, beeswax candles last longer than your average paraffin and soy wax candles.

What a joy it is to light a little candle. We made these tealights so that you can add that extra touch of warmth to any part of your home, or give a wonderful gift to a friend or loved one.

The 100% natural candles are  the healthiest option of all candles available you can burn – eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable, powered by the magical properties of beeswax. A natural and renewable resource, our beeswax is loaded with amazing health benefits – antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, non-toxic, naturally aromatic and even edible. Free from paraffin, synthetic fragrance oils, toxic chemicals, GMO soy, parabens and phthalates. Our beeswax candle burns cleanly, and is even said to aid wellbeing by purifying the air.

Each beeswax tealight burns for about 4 hours, sometimes longer, depending on the environment. 


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100% Pure Natural Tealight Candles-set of 6100% Pure Natural Tealight Candles-set of 6
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