Bee Pollen-Miracle Superfood-Amazing Benefits!

Bee Pollen-Miracle Superfood-Amazing Benefits!

Bee Pollen is one of the most miracle superfood!

Pollen is one of the most miracle superfood on the market and is produce by bees. Granulated Pollen has many health benefits and is definitely worth to try.

Bee Pollen-miracle superfood-all you need to know!

It’s that time of the year where Spring sweeps away the last of the Winter cold. The warm-weather wardrobes come out, flowers start to bloom, nights get lighter, and the world begins to feel just that little bit more bright. It’s hard to think that the beauty of spring is largely down to one tiny, incredible animal: the bee! 

Without bees, we wouldn’t have humans.

Without bees, we wouldn’t have humans. They maintain our ecosystems by pollinating our wild trees and flowers, which in turn sustains our everyday lives. Not only this, but a cup of tea with a drop of honey is a perfect Springtime treat. Our natural habitats and ways of life by providing great sources of nutrition as well as adding a burst of colour to any outdoor space. Raw honey and pollen are by-products of bees and the beekeeping industry that help us to keep our bodies happy and healthy to enjoy the Summer ahead. 

Reduce your hay fever symptoms and not only.

Normally the first thing we think of pollen is the dreaded hay fever that seems to just never go away. But it turns out there are plenty of upsides that don’t make you want to stay in the house all day in the hopes your nose won’t run faster than a tap. Raw pollen has many health benefits that can help you increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, improving overall nutrition. Scholars have linked bee pollen in aiding immunity, which means adding it to your routine will make you less susceptible to illness and therefore more time to enjoy the nice weather. You’ll also see reduced inflammation, faster healing times, as well as improved asthma and allergies too. Not only this, but it can be used for more specialised treatments, as it known to aid chemotherapy side effects, as well as suppressing the secretion of hormones that cause menopause symptoms and PMS.

It’s hard to see why lots of people does take bee pollen.

With all of these benefits, it’s hard to see why everyone doesn’t take bee pollen. Although there is no recommended dosage to take, it’s good to start out with a small amount like a quarter or a fifth of a teaspoon to try. This is so that there’s no risk of an allergic reaction that would cause irritation — it’s always good to test something out before you try it out for real. Because bee pollen is so great for the immune system, it’s assumed that it helps to fight histamines, too. This means that you can spend more time walking outside and taking in the beautiful sights that Yorkshire has to offer. 

Explore beautiful Yorkshire landscape…

Beautiful landscapes full of meadows and forests, natural values and clean air, there is something for everyone to explore from the moors to the Shambles. Its quintessential tranquility leaves us with no doubt that Yorkshire is the perfect hiding-place for bees and beekeepers alike. The decline in bees in recent years has proved to be a challenge in both nature and industry, so it is important that we allow them to live sustainably in a clean, non-harmful environment. With Yorkshire’s multitude of thriving wild spaces, healthy bees can live to a high standard and maintain our ecosystem well, all the while producing top-quality honey, beeswax and pollen. YorkBee and others like us are dedicated to making sure that such a delicacy is cared for in the best way possible whilst also caring for the bee population as much as they care for us in return. 


Our authentic  products from YorkBee are perfect for those moments of relaxation, of immersion in the
sunshine with a drink in hand in the garden, watching the bees potter around. Whether you’re
stressed, feeling ill, you’re working through some medical issues or you just fancy something to
supplement your diet… we’ve got you covered!

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